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Attendance Line:  01785 334917
Email Address –

When contacting the school, please provide the following information:

  1. Your name
  1. Your child’s name
  1. The reason for absence

If we have not received a message and your child fails to attend, you will receive a text message asking you to contact the school.

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Walton High School Uniform Expectations 

The below table shows the appropriate uniform students should wear and how the uniform should be worn appropriately.

Item of Uniform Additional Information Compulsory Optional
Black Blazer with badge Must be worn at all times i.e.

In corridors

Entering and exiting classrooms

During assemblies

In the building during break and lunchtime

Must not roll up blazer sleeves

May be removed with permission of the teacher during lessons

Walton School Tie A minimum of 3 coloured stripes showing at all times

Must be pushed up to cover the top button

White buttoned shirt Top button must be fastened at all times

Must be tucked into skirt or trousers at all times.

Shoes Must be completely black (leather look)

No canvas, mesh, boots or heeled

Must be worn at all times in school

Must be worn on entry and exit to school

Skirt Must be no more than one inch above the knee

Must not be a tube skirt or jersey material

Must not be rolled up

Trousers Must be black

Must not be tight fitted or leggings

Worn to the waist at all times

Bag/ Rucksack Must be brought into school to carry books, equipment and any other items students require in school X
Black V Neck Jumper May be worn alongside the school blazer and not as a replacement

Must not be round necked

Must not be branded or with a logo

May be beneficial for students in cold weather

Jacket/ Coat May be worn during cold weather

Must not be worn as a replacement for a blazer

Must not be a hoodie or fleece material

Must not be worn during lessons



Below is a list of items of PE kit. PE KIT AND EQUIPMENT PE kit is available to purchase online, or locally from Crested School Wear.

Item of Uniform Additional Information Compulsory Optional
Red PE T-shirt/ polo Worn during PE lessons X
Black Shorts Worn during PE lessons X
Red Reversable Rugby Top Worn during Rugby lessons to prevent other shirts from being ripped during contact. X
Black Walton Hoodie Can be worn when cold. Must be WHS branded or completely plain black without logo. X
Black tracksuit bottoms. These can be worn throughout the school year. However, for health and safety reasons they must NOT have zips in when playing any contact sports. No cotton jogging bottoms. X
Sports Leggings Can be worn during PE lessons instead of shorts/ tracksuit bottoms X
Socks Long black/red socks for football, rugby

White socks for other sports


Trainers Additional trainers must be worn during PE lessons.

Students should wear additional trainers and school shoes not be worn for PE.

Football boots Can be moulded or metal.

Must be worn during lessons on the field for football or rugby

Gum Shield Compulsory for rugby lessons X
Swimming trunks/ costume Needed for swimming lessons

No bikinis should be worn

Towel Needed for swimming lessons X
Swimming hat Students with long hair must wear a swimming hat during swimming lessons X
Goggles X

Below is a list of unacceptable items.

Items Additional Information
Hoodies, fleeces, sports tops –          Students should not wear hooded jackets at school at any time

–          Students should not wear them in place of a coat or jacket.

–          Students should not wear sports tops, E.G Quarter zips, zip up tracksuit tops and tech fleeces.

Footwear –          Students shoes should not be any other colour other than black

–          Shoes should not be mesh or canvas

–          Shoes should not have heels

Jewellery –          Ear piercings- one stud only per ear

–          Nose piercings should not be worn due to health and safety. However, if a student has a piercing, a clear plug can be worn.

–          No bracelets, rings or necklaces should be worn

Make up –          Make-up may be worn as long as it is subtle

–          Must not wear false eyelashes

–          Nail varnish should not be worn

–          Students should not wear artificial or gel nails due to Health and Safety.

Hair Cuts –          Haircuts should not be extreme

–          Students who have dyed hair should ensure it is natural colours

Socks –          Socks should be black or white

–          If socks are worn over tights they must be black

For more information please see here.

What is Class Charts for parents?

You will be able to use Class Charts to keep track of your child’s behaviour and view assigned homework tasks.

If you have more than one child, you can access Class Charts information about your children from a single, centralised parent account. Class Charts for parents can be accessed via a website, or through iOS and Android apps.
To set up your account you should have received a Parent code from school, please open the information Signing up to Class Charts for more information on how to set up your account.
Please also find additional supporting information to assist you in using Class Charts.

The iSams Parent App is a parents’ doorway into school life, you are able to see your child’s timetable and teaching groups, school contacts, attendance and registration, school reports and detention information.

As your child progresses into Year 11, you will be able to see their exam entries, exam timetable and once students have been able to collect their results, we publish these to the Parent App.

Not all areas of the ISams Parent App are used by Walton High School, but we hope to develop these in the future.

For further information on how to navigate the App and how it can be used please follow the link

iSams Parent App

If you have any issues at all please contact:

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