Ethos and Values

The fundamental intention of Walton High School in order to serve its community, is to sustain an ethos throughout the entire school that promotes teaching, learning and achievement of the highest quality thereby enabling every individual to be valued and valuable in their own right.

School Aims

  1. To enable every individual to fulfil his or her potential
  2. To educate the whole student by fostering an ethos where academic success and the  development of personal skills and attributes are equally important
  3. To create an environment that promotes mutual respect between staff and students
  4. To encourage creativity, flair, imagination and enthusiasm in our students
  5. To equip our students with the knowledge, skills and personal qualities that will best prepare them for their future lives
  6. To sustain a partnership with parents and the local community through effective communication to support our students

Be Ready

  • Arrive on time and appropiately dressed.
  • Have all equipment required for the lesson.
  • be ready to learn.

Be Respectful

  • Be polite and kind with your language and actions.
  • Follow instructions of all staff members without question.
  • Respect the learning environment.

Be Safe

  • Avoid physical contact with others.
  • Care for the safety and welfare of others.
  • Remain in the classroom unless given permission to leave.
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