Walton High School

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Walton High school places the safety and welfare of our students at the heart of the school’s culture and ethos.  We have a child protection policy in place: (Link to policy) and our staff are regularly trained in Child Protection issues.



It is our aim to build a culture of teaching the students themselves to share responsibility for their own and others' safety.  If you have a concern regarding the abuse of any member of our community it should be reported to a member of the Child Protection Team without delay.


Mrs Cashmore Mrs Simmons CH KC
Mrs A Cashmore
Assistant Headteacher
Mrs E Simmons
Welfare & Attendance Manager 

Mrs C Hickman
Student Support Manager

Mrs K Cooper
Director of Sixth Form



Students should report any concerns about bullying to a member of staff. 


Text for help on Keep Kids Safe: 07624816819.  This is where students can leave a message if they are concerned about bullying.


We have a dedicated school counsellor, Sharon Smith who works with Years 7 – 11 and can be contacted on: 01785 334917.


Helping children to keep themselves safe


Children are taught to understand and manage risk through our citizenship, personal, social, health (PSHE) education programme, assemblies and our SEAL (Social and emotional aspects of Learning) principles.  Our approach is designed to help children to think about risks they might overcome. Discussions about risk are empowering and enabling for all children and promote sensible behaviour rather than fear or anxiety. Children are taught how to conduct themselves and how to behave in a responsible manner. Children are also reminded regularly about e-safety and tackling bullying procedures. The school continually promotes an ethos of respect for children, and students are encouraged to speak to a member of staff about any worries they may have.


If you have a safeguarding concern click here to talk to someone