Welcome to Walton Art Department!

“To be an artist is to believe in life”Henry Moore

At Walton, Art is taught from Year 7 to Year 9 and is an option to take at GCSE. Further specialisms in Fine Art, Textile Design and Photography are available at A Level.

Teaching Staff
Below is a list of staff in the department and how you can contact them:

Mrs S Byatt  –  Head of Department

For more information regarding the curriculum or to speak to the Head of Department, contact: S.Byatt@walton.staffs.sch.uk

Miss S Woodward –  Second in Department

For queries regarding educational visits or visiting Artists, contact: S.Woodward@walton.staffs.sch.uk

Mr J Harris

Follow us on Instagram for more updates, events and news: @waltonartdepartment

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