Art in Year 7

Year 7 is an experimental year where students will be introduced to the building blocks of Art (the Visual Elements) and have the opportunity to explore a wide range of materials and techniques in Art.

During this year pupils will:

  • Be introduced to the Visual Elements: Line, Tone, Colour, Texture, Pattern, Form and Shape
  • Explore a wide range of materials and techniques such as: drawing, mark making, colour blending, biro, watercolour, ceramics, cardboard construction, wire, collage, scraffito, printmaking…
  • Investigate and research the work of contemporary and historical artists and makers such as: Ernst Haeckel, Paul Cummins & Tom Piper, Jeff Koons, Alfonso Castillo Orta,…
  • Take informed creative risks
  • Analyse and comment on own work and the work of other artists
  • Begin to understand the creative process and their own personal style in art

Topics will include:

Under the Sea: Students will explore all the Visual Elements in turn used by artists to inform their explorations. Outcomes may include mixed media turtles, wax resist shells, collograph printed seahorses, recycled plastic jellyfish… Students also have the opportunity to create ceramic poppies inspired by the work of Paul Cummins and Tom Piper, which are displayed as part of our school wide Remembrance Service. 

Celebration: This unit explores different forms of celebration such as parties and birthday, sport celebration and success and cultural celebrations such as Day of the Dead. Outcomes may include watercolour doughnuts, scraffito party poppers, cardboard constructed cakes, clay sugar skulls…

Toy Story: Students will be introduced to the meaning behind creating Art while looking at the work of contemporary artists and their reasons for creating Art. Outcomes may include oil pastel lego bricks, cardboard relief/constructed robots, collage ducks, felt etch a sketch…

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