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Welcome to the Curriculum Support Department section of our website.

The Student Support Department at Walton High School offers support to students individually, in small groups and within whole classes.  Many students will need help at some point during their school life.  At Walton High School we aim to meet the needs of individual students through effective teaching and learning.  We aim to develop a positive partnership with students, parents, staff and professionals to ensure that the school can meet a broad range of Special Educational Needs and Disability.  

Our aim is to support students’ academic progress and achievement by removing barriers to learning using a wide range of strategies.  We want our students to be happy and confident, therefore being able to reach their true potential.  

The Student Support team works across all departments.  We work closely with the Heads of House and Pastoral team.  Each student with SEND has a Key Worker.  The Key Worker will meet with the student regularly to discuss their targets and any other concerns they may have.  The Key Worker will feedback to parents once a term and parents will be given the opportunity to meet with the Key Worker or SENCo.  Hopefully this will allow Walton High School to offer the right support at the right time.  We aim to adopt a proactive approach rather than a reactive one.  

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Staff & Contacts






Mrs J Byrne

Head of Department/SENCO



Mrs S Parkes

Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Barton

Senior Teaching Assistant - Additional Needs

Mrs D Bagnall

Teaching Assistant - Additional Needs

Mr M Jackson

Teaching Assistant - Additional Needs

Mrs C Jones

Teaching Assistant - Additional Needs 

Mrs S Yoemans

Teaching Assistant - Additional Needs

Mrs C Musker

Teaching Assistant - Additional Needs

Mrs J Humphreys

Teaching Assistant - Additional Needs

Mrs T Nixon

Teaching Assistant - Additional Needs 

Mrs A Pitchford

SEN Administrator







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