Our Aim

The aim of Walton High schools Special Educational Needs Department is:  

  • To ensure access to the curriculum and the environment by making reasonable adjustments for those with a disability 
  • To ensure inclusion for children and young people with SEND 
  • To use our best endeavours to secure where needed, special educational provision that is “additional to and different from” for students with high levels of need, within the following four areas: 
  • Communication and interaction 
  • Cognition and learning 
  • Social, mental and emotional health 
  • Sensory/physical 
  • To request, monitor and respond to parent/carers and students’ views in order to evidence high levels of home/school communication 
  • To ensure a high level of staff expertise to meet students need, through well-targeted continuing professional development 
  • To work in cooperative and productive partnership with the Local Authority and other outside agencies, to ensure there is a multi-professional approach to meeting the needs of all vulnerable learners. 
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