What people call home and their family can be very different.

They are made up of different people, with different needs, ideas, characters and ways in which they behave. This can make family something very special but equally very complicated and difficult. Families are supposed to be loving and caring to one and other. These are the people you should feel most safe and secure with. It can be normal for families not to get along sometimes. Every family has problems even if they are happy and don’t usually argue. Problems at home can take many forms, some examples can be arguments, separation, abuse (sexual, emotional or physical), money problems and drugs and alcohol to name but a few.

To Find Out More… If you feel that things at home are getting too much for you or if you feel scared, worried or unsafe you can get help and advice from Childline or you should speak to your teacher, health professional or local social services.

Family Lives is another service that you may find useful. You can visit their website or call 0808 800 2222.


Hope is a registered charity helping young people aged five to twenty five when a loved one has a serious illness. Hope Support Services – Helping young people when someone gets sick

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