History at Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3, our aim is to teach and entrance our students with worldwide history, enabling them with the skills to decipher, analyse and discuss all that had happened.

Year 7

Topics Covered

Raiders, Invaders and Migrants to Britain 43 AD-1066

      •     The Norman Conquest of Britain

      •     What Was Life Like in Medieval England? How Did the Normans Keep Control?

      •     How Did Medieval Society Change Through the Middle Ages?

      •     How Did Tudor England Explode into Religious Conflict?

      •     Mansa Musa, Islam, and the Kingdom of Mali

Year 8

Topics Covered

      •     The First Industrial Nation: England in the 18th-19th Century

      •     The Impact of Industrialisation: Britain, America, and Slavery

      •     The War to End All Wars? The First World War

      •     The March for Equality in Britain: The Ballot Box and Beyond. Equality in Britain Depth Study

      •     Boom, Bust, and Tension: America in the 1920s

      •     How Did the World Descend into War Again? Interwar Years in Europe

Year 9

Topics Covered

      •     American West: The Development of the American Nation

      •     America in the 1920s

      •     The Rise and Fall of the British Empire: Case Studies

      •     Elizabeth I GCSE Bridging Unit 1

      •     Parliament and the Court in Elizabethan England

      •     Elizabeth I GCSE Bridging Unit 1

      •     Opposition to Elizabeth and Life in Elizabethan England

      •     Elizabeth I GCSE Bridging Unit 1

      •     Challenges to Her Authority from Abroad

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