Extra Curriculum

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Effective Revision Techniques

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Exam Revision Resources

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Effective Revision Strategies

Effective Revision Techniques

Study Leave Revision Timetable

GCSE Astronomy

Astronomy GCSE Revision Schedule

GCSE Business Studies

Paper 1 Retrieval Booklet

Branding & Differentiation

Break-even Analysis

Cost-effective Operations & Competitiveness

Demand, Supply & Prices

Design, Research & Development

Effective Customer Service

Employment Law

Exam Question Technique

Exchange Rates

Improving Cash Flow

Improving Profit

Interest Rates

Market Research

Marketing Mix

Product Trial & Repeat Purchase

Raising Finance


Unit 1 Exam Paper 2011

Unit 1 Exam Paper 2010

Unit 1 Exam Paper 2012

Unit 1 Exam Paper 2013

Unit 1 Homework Questions

Unit 3 Exam Paper 2010

Unit 3 Exam Paper 2011

Unit 3 Exam Paper 2012

Unit 3 Exam Paper 2013

GCSE Computer Science

1.1 Systems Architecture

1.2 Memory

1.3 Storage Types

1.4 Networks

1.5 Networks

1.5 Protocols & Packet Switching

1.5 Virtual Networks

1.6 Systems Security

1.7 Utility Software

1.8 Ethical Legal Environmental Cultural

2.1 Computational Thinking

2.1 Search Algorithms

2.1 Sorting Algorithms

2.4 Logic Gates and Truth Tables

2.5 Translators and Facilities of Languages

2.6 Binary Addition

2.6 Binary Images

2.6 Binary Shift

2.6 Binary Sound

2.6 Binary

2.6 Hexadecimal

2.6 Representing Characters

Craig ‘n Dave Computer Science YouTube Channel

GCSE English Language

1. J35101 interactive SAM

2. J35102 interactive SAM

3. Structure – key words

4. Timings

J351 – 01 Extracts & Questions 

1. Nelson & Summers

J351 – 01 Level descriptors

OCR J351 – 01 Sample Paper

J351 – 02 Extracts & Questions

1. Fathers and Sons

2. School

3. Vegetarianism

4. Capital Punishment

5. Poverty & Wealth

J351 02 Section A Mark Scheme & level descriptors

Vegetarianism – Q3 Model Answer

Section B J351 01 & 02

3. Section B J351-01 & J351-02

Section B Theme parks – model essay

GCSE English Literature

GCSE English Literature Examinations Outline 2018

GCSE English Literature Format

Subject Terminology

Animal Farm

Poetry Anthology – Conflict

Poetry Conflict – Suggested Poems

Romeo & Juliet

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

GCSE Food Revision Resources

GCSE Geography

Y11 Mock Topics to Revise

Geography Club Timetable

Spec Breakdown

Map Skills Revision

Revision List Paper 1

Revision List Paper 2

Paper 1 – Natural Hazards

Paper 1 – The Living World

Paper 1 – The Living World Chapter

Paper 1 – Rivers & Coasts

Paper 1 – Exemplar Answers

Paper 2 – The Changing Economic World

Paper 2 – Water Management

Paper 3 – Fieldwork Recap

Paper 3 – Fieldwork Intro

Paper 3 – Fieldwork Summary

Paper 3 – Fieldwork Methods

Paper 3 – Fieldwork Results

Paper 3 – Human Revision

Paper 3 – Physical Revision

4 Mark Practice Booklet

4 Mark Presentation Aid PPT

6 Mark Practice Booklet

6 Mark Presentation Aid PPT

9 Mark Practice Booklet  

Y11 Graph Skills

Introduction to Water Booklet

Click here for links to Examboard Websites that contain Past Papers and Mark Schemes for all GCSE subjects as well as timetabled support on offer.

GCSE German

AQA German Verbs List

AQA German Vocabulary List

GCSE German Speaking Questions







GCSE Graphics

Exam Preparation for GCSE Graphic Products

GCSE History 

Cold War Checklist

Cold War Revision Guide

Germany Revision Guide

Health and the People Revision Guide

Interpretations booklet – Germany

Interpretations booklet – Norman England

Question paper – Cold War

Question paper – Germany

Question paper – Health and the People

Question paper – Norman England

Source booklet – Cold War

Source booklet – Health and the People

Revision checklist – Germany 1890-1945

Revision checklist – Health and the People

Revision checklist – Norman Engand 1066

Specimen paper and mark scheme – Cold War and Germany 

GCSE Maths

02a 1MA1 1F – May 2018 mark scheme

02a 1MA1 1F – November 2018 mark scheme

02a 1MA1 1F – May 2017 mark scheme

02a 1MA1 1F – November 2017 mark scheme

Supporting Your Child During Study Leave

Corbett Maths 5 a day

Maths Genie

Online Self Marking Papers


Mr Barton e-book of notes


GCSE Music

CGP Music 9-1 revision guide

BBC Bitesize GCSE Music

Edexcel Set Works Revision Guide


RE revision guide: 

AQA GCSE (9-1) Religious Studies Specification A by Hodder Education  ISBN: 978-1-510-40479-3 


Christian Practices Multiple Choice

Christianity Beliefs and Teachings

Christianity in Britain

Christianity Practices Exam Questions

Christmas and Easter

Core Beliefs


Death and the Afterlife

Essay plans 1

Essay plans 2

Festivals Ashura

Festivals in Islam

Ibadah and Worship

Islam Beliefs and Teachings Exam Questions

Islam Practices Exam Questions

Islamic Holy Books

Jesus Christ



Nature of God



Quotes Christian Beliefs and Teachings

Quotes Christian Practices

Quranic Quotes Beliefs and Teachings

Quranic Quotes Practices


Ten Obligatory Acts

The Bible and Salvation

Worldwide Church Mission Evangelism Persecution

Worship and Prayer

GCSE Resistant Materials


Designing Question

Making Question

GCSE Science

Combined Physics

Conservation of Energy

Electrical Circuits

Electrical Components

Electricity in the Home

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Energy Resources Advantages and Disadvantages

Energy Resources

Energy Transfer


Isotopes and Nuclear Radiation


Newton’s Laws of Motion

Particle Model

Required Practical Revision

Speed and Velocity


GCSE Textiles

Core Revision Main Topics

GCSE Textiles Theory Revision Work Booklet

GCSE Textiles Revision Guide

Textiles Revision Main Topics

Information Sheet for Revision Materials

JCQ Information For Candidates

Information For Candidates:

Exam Timetables

Please click the link below for the exam timetable: 

Appeals Policy

Student Appeals Procedures

6th Form Students

Exam Information

Exam Timetables 2023

GCSE Key Information

A Level/BTEC Information


Walton Policies & Procedures

We have made this as generic as possible, so will not have to be changed year on year with the exception of any JCQ updates.  Only documents that will be changed yearly will be the Examination Timetables and Key Dates.  This will reduce school costs in printing a lot of this information/providing these booklets, however, when assemblies are taking place reference needs to be made to these documents to ensure all students are fully aware of these documents and read them prior to examinations.

Student Self Help


Below are homework tasks by department and year group. We hope that this will help pupils to complete their homework, challenge themselves with optional tasks (where specified) and keep parents informed of the homework set for their children. Please be aware that tasks and any timeframes are flexible and that many departments have specified a number of tasks, any of which may be set for each topic.

Tasks that are not specified here may also be set, at the discretion of the class teacher. Where courses are new (for example due to a new specification being introduced) there may not yet be published homework.

Many departments will also add to these tasks throughout the year.

Please click on the homework links below:


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Remote Learning Statement
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Retrieval Practice & Pupil Guide
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Projects & Pupil Guide
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Home Learning Pupil Guide