Assessment at Key Stage 3

How are targets set? 

At Walton High School, we use a system of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze to set targets for our students.  

The information for setting these targets primarily comes from the student’s KS2 SATs data (end of Year 6), which is now expressed as a scaled score. A scaled score of 100 means that students have met the expected outcomes at the end of Year 6. These scaled scores are of importance, as they are a means by which student progress at GCSE will be measured.  

In some subjects, KS2 scaled scores are used directly to set KS3 targets. For example, in English and Maths the KS2 scaled scores can directly translate into one of our four targets (see below). In other subjects, such as Science and Geography, an average of the KS2 scaled scores are used to generate a KS3 target. We appreciate that some students have limited exposure to some of our subjects during primary school. Therefore, for some subjects, such as Art and Physical Education, students undergo a baseline assessment in the first few weeks of Year 7 to establish an appropriate KS3 target.  

How do KS2 scaled scores lead to target grades? 

This table shows information about how KS2 scaled scores translate into KS3 target grades, and what grades are likely at the end of KS4 (GCSE). 

KS2 Scaled Score KS3 Target Grade Likely GCSE Grade 
110 and above Platinum 7,8,9 
105-109 Gold 5,6,7 
95-104 Silver 3,4,5 
80-94 Bronze 1,2,3 

These target grades will be shown on all students’ short and full reports, which are sent home approximately once per term. It is the grade that they are aiming to achieve at the end of KS3 (end of Year 9). 

As a school we recognise that KS2 scaled scores may not be an accurate representation of a student’s ability. Therefore, these target grades are not a limited judgement. If a student is frequently performing above their target grade, then we can adjust the targets upwardly, as appropriate.  

How is progress measured? 

Throughout KS3, students will be assessed in each subject. This may be in the form of written assessments, practical assessments, speaking assessments and/or coursework.  

Students will be awarded one of five grades for these assessments during their time in KS3: 

  • Platinum 
  • Gold 
  • Silver 
  • Bronze 
  • Working towards bronze 

Teachers will use assessment grades, classwork and their professional judgement to award an estimated grade at certain points throughout the academic year. These estimated grades will be communicated home using short and long reports, and through Parents’ Evenings. This grade is what the student is expected to achieve at the end of the Key Stage (end of Year 9). 

Progress is measured by comparing the target grade and the estimated grade.  

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