AQA GCSE History Questions

Cold War

Cold War Account – Berlin Wall

Cold War Account – Cuban Missile Crisis

Cold War Account – Cuban Revolution

Cold War Account – Marshall Plan

Cold War Account – Prague Spring

Cold War Account – U2 Spy Plane

Cold War Essay – Arms Race 1945-65

Cold War Essay – Berlin 45-9

Cold War Essay – Cuba Missile Crisis

Cold War Essay – Hiroshima

Cold War Essay – Reasons for Detente

Cold War Essay – Thaw 1950s

Cold War Essay Question

Cold War Source

Cold War Useful – Berlin Wall and 1963

Cold War Useful – Europe after 1945

Cold War Useful – Hungary 1956

Cold War Useful – U2 crisis


Essay Question – 1920-23

Essay Question – Growth of Nazis by 1933

Essay Question – Nazi Economy

Essay Question – Protest Movements

In What Ways – Arts and Culture

In What Ways – Depression

In What Ways – German Economy

In What Ways – Germany WW1

In What Ways – Police State

In What Ways – Women

Interpretation Convincing – Hitler Youth

Interpretation Convincing – Putsch

Interpretation Convincing – Versailles

Interpretation Convincing – Weimar Art

Heath and the people

Compare Medieval Town and 19th Century London

Compare Pasteur and Koch

Compare Public Health and Medieval Monasteries

Compare Renaissance and Medieval Anatomy

Compare Vesalius and Hunter

Significance – Anaesthetics

Significance – Chadwick

Significance – Harvey

Significance – Liberal Social Reforms

Significance – Robert Koch

Source Useful Historian on Cholera

Source Useful Historian on the Development of Surgery

Source Useful Historian Studying Vaccination

Source Useful Medieval Church

Source Useful Monk’s Contribution to Medicine

Norman England

Account Question – Edward the Confessor

Account Question – Feudal System

Account Question – Harrying of the North

Account Question – Law and order

Explain the Importance

Interpretation question – Hereward the Wake

Interpretation question – Norman Castles

Interpretation question – Norman Church

Interpretation Question – Rebellions

Interpretation Question

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