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If necessary, please email support@walton.staffs.sch.uk with any urgent enquiries and questions regarding IT support, educational materials and other school related matters.

This email address will be monitored less frequently during the Easter holidays.

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Click here to access school work & resources for working from home.


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Nikki Lambert – the schools Level 6 Careers Guidance Adviser is available Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm throughout the time school is closed.  You can speak to her directly on 07921 277453 or email her on Nikki.lambert@entrust-ed.co.uk.  You can also email her via her school email address: n.lambert@walton.staffs.sch.uk



During the academic year 2019/20, Walton High School is offering free training to non-subject specialists in physics, secondary mathematics and core mathematics.  For further details please email the lead teacher: Miss K Melling via office@walton.staffs.sch.uk



Key Stage 3 pupils now have the opportunity to compete the Walton Baccalaureate in any of their chosen subjects.

Please click the link above for further information.





Year 6 Transition 

We would like to welcome our Year 6 students to Walton High School, please take a look at our transition film giving a flavour of the school.  Please also find a welcome letter from Mrs Appleby Towers (Transition Manager) and Mr Finlay (Headteacher).

Year 6 Transition Video and Information


PATHWAYS - Careers information and guidance at Walton high School


Today I have launched a new blog, which will be providing various careers information for you have a look at. Any parents who would like to share any relevant careers information on the blog should contact me - a.stokes@walton.staffs.sch.uk - and I will be able to arrange that for you.

Link to Walton Pathways Blog

Mr Stokes
Careers Leader




Following the successful conclusion of our ‘soft’ mobile phone ban, a more stringent ban will come into place on January 6th 2020 as previously planned and communicated.

This means that all students must have their phones switched off, in their bags, at all times whilst on the school site, or risk confiscation of the device.

The full policy can be found here.

Many thanks for your support in assisting us to implement this policy, which we hope will benefit students and staff both academically and pastorally.


SIXTH FORM APPLICATIONS - September 2020 Admissions

We are now accepting applications for entry September 2020 - if you were unable to attend our Open Evening on 12th November please click here for more information.

To make an appointment and view our facilities contact Julie Wellings on sixthform@walton.staffs.sch.uk

Our Sixth Form Course Guide and Application Form can be viewed here and are available to download.