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Key Stage 3 pupils now have the opportunity to compete the Walton Baccalaureate in any of their chosen subjects.

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Last year saw the introduction of the Walton Baccalaureate to Key Stage 3. Please see further details below:

  • The Walton Baccalaureate is designed to raise engagement and challenge for our Key Stage 3 pupils. Each department has produced a number of criteria that encapsulate an exceptional learner in their subject in years 7, 8 and 9.

  • The criteria for each department can be found by clicking on the links below.

  • In each subject, pupils should complete a minimum of three out of the five criteria to be awarded the Bacc in that subject.

  • The deadline for teachers to nominate pupils for the Bacc in your subject is Friday 6th July. Pupils will need to have shown/discussed their Bacc work with teachers before this date in order to be nominated.  

  • Pupils will receive a letter of congratulations for any of the subjects that they complete the Bacc in.

  • To achieve the full ‘Walton Baccalaureate’ pupils should aim to achieve the Bacc in 4 subjects. Pupils who complete the Bacc in 5 subjects will have their names placed on the Honours board.




Please click here to access year 11 revision resources.




We are continuing to accept applications for entry September 2018 - for more information see our Application page in the Sixth Form section of this website. 

If you were unable to join us at our Open Evening please click here to view our presentation.

Alternatively contact our Sixth Form Office on 01785 334917 Option 4 if you would like to visit our school and Sixth Form Centre.

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Invitations to register for the app have now been sent to all parents. Please keep an eye on your inbox for the registration email from SIMS. All reports and data will be sent to parents using this new platform. You can use the Parent Login above to access the desktop version of the app. Any enquires please contact ParentAppSupport@walton.staffs.sch.uk




During the academic year 2017/18, Walton High School is offering free training to non-subject specialists in physics, secondary mathematics and core mathematics.  For further details please email the lead teacher: Dr Jo Rowley via office@walton.staffs.sch.uk