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Below are homework tasks by department and year group. We hope that this will help pupils to complete their homework, challenge themselves with optional tasks (where specified) and keep parents informed of the homework set for their children. Please be aware that tasks and any timeframes are flexible and that many departments have specified a number of tasks, any of which may be set for each topic.


Tasks that are not specified here may also be set, at the discretion of the class teacher. Where courses are new (for example due to a new specification being introduced) there may not yet be published homework.


Many departments will also add to these tasks throughout the year.


Please click on the homework links below:


Art Y7

Art Y8

Art Y9

Art Y10

Art Y11

Art Y12

Art Y13


Biology GCSE

Business Studies & Economics

Chemistry GCSE

Design & Technology - being updated


French Y7-9

Geography Y7

Geography Y8

Geography Y9

German Y7-9

Human Health & Physiology Y11

History Y7

History Y8

History GCSE Basic Content Questions

AQA GCSE History Questions

ICT & Computing


Media & Film Studies

Music, Performing Arts & Drama - All years


Physics GCSE

RE - All years

Science Y7

Science Y8

Science Y9


Information on effective revision techniques can be found by clicking the link below:


Effective Revision Techniques