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Destiny Garden

Our 'Destiny' garden opened on Friday 6th June 2014.  


On Wednesday 16th July 2014 we celebrated the accolade of being awarded the RHS Level 5 award in horticultural. Students and staff enjoyed a picnic in the garden with the sun shining.  Mr. Stokes in his speech thanked our Eco warriors for all their hard work over the term.


The school is also very grateful for the Stafford Borough Grant that helped set up the garden.


And we are reaping the rewards of an abundant crop!


Please follow the progress on our blog at




 Elm Eco Warriers


Our 'Eco Warriors' with the planted Elm tree (Ulmus Minor) the latest addition to our destiny garden.  


DSC01326 DSC01327






The Great British Elm Experiment - Our tree name 'Melody'.