Walton High School

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2016/17 Parent Forums

Harmony Garden


These evenings are in addition to the normal cycle of Parents’ Evenings, Information and Open Evenings.

Whilst having a specific topic they also give parents an opportunity to chat informally with senior staff and governors.

All evenings start at 6.00 pm




 Target Parents



Wed 28/9



Settling into Life at Walton

An overview of your child’s first year at Walton including lessons, homework and extra-curricular activities. Information on how we issue reports and parents’   evenings. Information on Y7 Camp. An opportunity to discuss any issues arising from the first month with the pastoral team.

Tue 18/10


Y10 & Y11

Supporting Learning at GCSE

Information and advice on GCSE courses and their assessment. Tips on revising and preparing for exams.

Thu 10/11



Y7, Y8 and Y9

Supporting Learning at Key Stage 3 (KS3)

Information and advice on KS3 courses. Introduction to the ‘Walton Bacc’ and changes to assessment and reporting.

Tue 28/2


Y7 to Y11


Information, resources and advice on how parents can support their child’s safe use of the internet.