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School Meals Charging Arrangements


Re: School Meals Charging Arrangements

Please note that from Wednesday 25th November 2015 we will not be offering any opportunity to have a loan towards paying for food from our catering services.   This option was intended to be for emergencies only but has been abused by some.   We therefore have no alternative but to take this action.

What will this mean?

If a student does not have enough money on their account, to pay for the food they have selected, they will not be able to purchase it.

They will be asked to return to the main counter at 1:15pm to be given a sandwich and a piece of fruit.   They will be asked to sign to confirm that they have been given this and that they have been made aware that they will be expected to pay for this.

To avoid this can you please log onto your child’s Parent Pay account and ensure that any debt is cleared and that funds are allocated to cover future purchases.    Funds should, ideally, be uploaded by the previous evening, at the latest.   This is because the system cannot always upload during the day as well as working with purchases.   Sometimes this can cause issues whereby a parent has paid money to their account but it is not being shown on the system within school.

We are very proud of our catering provision, which continues to improve and offers a wide range of good quality food to our students.

You can of course, at any time, provide a packed lunch for your child.

If you have any queries or concerns about paying for school meals, please contact the school office and we will endeavour to help.

Kind regards.

Alison Elsmore

Business Manager