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 A warm welcome to all our parents to the new term at Walton High School. 

This page gives details of how we are continuing to improve and develop the communication links between parents, students and the school in order to ensure your children maximise their full potential. It also highlights how you as parents can become more active in how the school works.

1.       School Website

  • A further upgrade is planned this month to allow the home page to provide

 i.   Easier access to the Our School, Parents, Students and Sixth-Form sections of our website

 ii.  More current information on what is going on

 iii. Greater signposting of upcoming events and celebrating success

  • The site continues to give lots of information on

 i.  How our school is performing including your feedback to our surveys

 ii.  How we run the school including subject and house information

 iii. Information for parents including the parental calendar and future term dates as well as copies of all home correspondence

iv. E-mail addresses to contact all our Heads of Department, Heads of House and tutors.

v.  A students section giving information on House Competitions and the different clubs and extra-curricular events going on

vi. A news section showcasing all recent events and activities that our students have been involved in

vii. A separate sixth form section with details on how to join/prospectus etc.


2.       SIMs Learning Gateway

  • All Y7 to Y11 parents can obtain their own personal logins to a  secure site that allows you  to view your child’s

i.    Attendance, punctuality, behaviour and achievement data

ii.   Termly reports showing attainment and progress in each subject.

      These will consist of two Short Reports and one Full Report. (See the Reporting Schedule).

iii.   To check/amend personal data we hold on our database

  • staff and students have now received their own logins and this will allow us to start developing  the tracking of homework etc through the SLG
  • Further developments are planned this year including putting the annual  full report provided to parents  on SLG and providing access to Key Personal Indicators
  • New Y7 Parents can obtain their logins at our Y7 Parent Forum (Wednesday 27th September) or they can, as can any Y8 to Y11 parent who require a login, contact SLGsupport@walton.staffs.sch.uk

3.       Reporting Home and Parents’ Evenings

  • A termly report (short or full) will be provided – see reporting timetable
  • We have already extended our Parents’ Evening slots and Parent Governors will be  looking at alternative solutions to the lack of bookings where staff teach multiple classes (particularly  in Y7 and Y8)

4.       Parent Forums and Information Evenings

  • These are not evenings where you can talk to your child’s teachers but an opportunity to learn more about how to support their time at Walton
  • Parent Forums (see this year’s programme) also give you an opportunity for an informal chat with the Headteacher  and Senior Staff at the school

5.       Parent Governors and E-Safety Group

  • All parents are welcome to be part of these groups – contact the school if you are interested
  • This year the Parent Governors will be looking at improving how the school communicates through reports and Parents’ Evening
  • The E-Safety Group is leading the school’s drive towards the 360 E-Safety Mark by looking at Parent, Student and Staff safe and secure use of ICT Technologies. Including links to e-safety websites.

 6.      School e-mail and text service

  • These are used to communicate group, year, house or whole school messages
  • They only go to the contact details of the parent registered as #1 contact but parents may have joint #1 contact and so can both receive e-mails and texts.

7.       School Surveys 

  • We continue to gain your feedback in order to ensure that the school is satisfying its principle stakeholders – our parents.
  • Please take the time to respond to our surveys as we value your views
  • Also please add your views about our school on Parent View – part of the OFSTED website.


September 2015