Walton High School

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Pastoral Design

Pastoral Design                                                                    


  • All students are placed in a Tutor Group (TG) with other students from their year group
  • All TG’s are allocated to one of FOUR HOUSES
    • Deercote
    • Hazelslade
    • Kingsley
    • Oldacre
  • Pastoral Welfare is organised through the House System, however
    • Y7 Tutor Groups have an additional Transition Co-ordinator to provide support and guidance during their first year at Walton
    • The sixth-form has its own pastoral system managed by the Sixth Form pastoral team


Mrs A Cashmore                              Assistant Headteacher (Student Welfare)

Mrs K Appleby-Towers                   Y7 Transition Co-ordinator

Mr A Silverwood                              Director of Sixth Form

Mrs K Cooper                                    Head of Year within Sixth Form (Academic)

Mrs A Green                                      Head of Year within Sixth Form (Pastoral)

Mrs S Smith                                       School Counsellor

Mr A Stokes                                       Personal Development Co-ordinator

Mrs S Anthony                                  Welfare Officer

Mrs E Simmons                                 Welfare & Attendance Manager


Colour - GREEN Motto - AMBITION
Head of House Mrs D Downes
Asst Head of House Miss S Woodward
7.1 Mr E Baker
7.3 Mr C Salter
8.1 Mrs H Sokhal 
9.1 Miss J Turner
9.5 Mrs S Wilde
10.2 Mrs V Barnes
10.6 Mr T Martain/ Mrs R Smith
11.2 Mr J Charles
11.6 Mrs A Carr


Colour - YELLOW Motto - COURAGE
Head of House Mr G Valentine
Asst Head of House Miss B Humphreys
7.4 Mrs L Tomkinson
7.7 Mrs H Gilroy
8.3 Mrs S Cheadle
8.6 Miss L Wright
9.2 Mrs S Clarkson
9.6 Mr M Ratchford
10.4 Mrs T Stevens
11.3 Mrs E Weaver
11.7 Mrs H Beeson/ Miss C Purcell


Colour - RED Motto - INSPIRATION
Head of House Mrs N Turner
Asst Head of House Mrs H Venables
7.2 Mr D Harrington
7.5 Mr F Biscoe-Taylor
8.4 Mrs S Byatt
8.7 Mr S Lal
9.3 Miss H Morgan
9.7 Miss M Riley
10.1 Miss K Abrahams
10.7 Mrs K Wright/ Miss L Horner
11.4 Mrs K Smith


Colour - BLUE Motto - DILIGENCE
Head of House Mrs S Dodd
Asst Head of House Mr M Pierpoint
7.6 Miss K Melling
8.2 Mr T Williams
8.5 Mrs S Brown
9.4 Mrs V White
10.3 Mrs N White
10.5 Mrs F McCormack/ Mr A Stokes
11.1 Mr H Cornish
11.5 Mr J Sammons