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Art in Year 7

Art in Year 7

Year 7 is an experimental year where students will explore a wide range of materials and techniques in Art.

They will be introduced to the visual elements in the first unit ‘Investigating Art’, and explore how to analyse the work of artists in ‘Looking at Art’.

 During this year pupils will:

  • Use creative risk taking

  • Work collaboratively to produce a piece of work or outcome

  • Research and investigate artwork from a different culture to their own

  • Explore 2D and 3D media

Topics will include:

  • Natural Forms - leaves, shells, pods and flowers

  • Food - cakes, parties, celebration, table settings

  • Cultures - African, Indian, Aboriginal, Egyptian, Oriental, Islamic

  • Sculpture - Figurative, abstract

  • Environment - landscape, locality, urban, rural, community