Walton High School

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Headteacher's Welcome


Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to Walton High School. The years which your son or daughter will spend at this school will provide them with experiences which will shape their future. I hope that the information provided on this website will help to convince you that Walton will offer your child an exciting and challenging range of opportunities.

We are proud of our school’s achievements and high reputation. We know that academic qualifications are essential and we aim to ensure that each student makes the most of his or her abilities. We also want them to leave Walton as confident, balanced individuals with a sense of self-discipline and respect for others. Our aim is to develop these qualities, as well as academic excellence, both within and beyond the curriculum. We see extra-curricular and other enhancement activities as an essential part of our educational provision and we encourage our students to take full advantage of all of the opportunities which they are offered at Walton.

I hope that you will enjoy looking through our website but that you will also visit the school to see how we put these aims into practice. The best way to find out about the school is to talk to the students.

I look forward to meeting you and answering any further queries you may have.

Yours sincerely

Mr N Finlay BA Hons Headteacher