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Young Voices 2018

 Young Voices 2018

 Friday 26th January 2018     Birmingham Genting Arena


A day out of school is always a treat, but even better if it is to take part with 6,500 other singers at one of the biggest choral events in the country.  Thirty-one students took part in this year’s Young Voices concert at Birmingham’s Genting Arena, one of 22 concerts conducted by David Lawrence in Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield and London.  Guest stars Natalie Williams, Urban Strides, Alfie Sheard and The Magnets, together with the Young Voices Choir, performed a fantastic range of music entertaining the audience for nearly two hours non-stop.

What makes it extra special for us is that Simon Nelson, the guitarist with the Young Voices Band, is a former pupil of Walton High School!  He came up to say hello, and has promised to drop in to school on his way past.  The whole day was a fantastic experience: we have already pre-registered for Young Voices 2019 – watch this space.


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