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Visit from Zagham Farhan

Zagham spoke to our School Council and in the assembly to Year 7 and 8 students'.


"It is a good starting point for the PSHE session in March which will be about democracy, voting and politics." said Mr Stokes.



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                                                                                              Pictured with Morgan Kilford-Wills


Zagham has been a Member of Youth Parliament for the past two years and in this time has represented Staffordshire on the front benches in the House of Commons. He is part of the pioneering team that started the Staffordshire Youth Union. His campaign last year, the prevention of knife crime was voted the most important issue by hundreds of thousands of young people across the country. He vows to campaign hard for the end of knife crime, improvement of mental health services, saving the Your Staffordshire Card and improving leisure activities for young people. He hopes that he can rally support to continue to give the future a voice!