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Walton Welcomes Gold medallist


Stefania Lenart a representative for 'Sports for Champions', a UK charity that supports young and emerging British athletes visited on Monday 19 March.


Stafania' is an Aerobics Dance athlete (an up and coming event in the UK) who represented Hungary at an international level. All her hard work and determination paid off and she has won National Champion, multiple international medals, European Champion and the World Champion.


KS3 and year 10 students took part in a fun, thrilling, high energy sport aerobics session. The students experienced some of her training drills and took part in a question and answer session about her career. Stefania shared her achievements with the students.


Stefania is an inspirational hero and I hope students were inspired by her visit this morning. Who knows, she may have inspired an Olympian hero amongst our students!


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