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Bikability 2022



 'Bikeability is a cycle training programme that teaches children practical skills to give them the understanding and expertise to ride their bikes on the road.'  


The course not only highlights the importance of being aware of surroundings when cycling on the busy roads of today but also many safety aspects such as the importance of being visible and wearing a helmet.

The course initially saw students practise cycling in a circle and testing out their brakes etc. on the school premises courts. They then left school premises to cycle the short distance to the canal path where they continued their journey in beautiful surroundings. 

The professionalism of the Bikeability team with clear, precise instructions and the supervision of the students in their care was admirable.

On their return to school it was wonderful to see so many faces with beaming smiles indicating just how much the students enjoyed the experience. We were lucky with the weather too, it stayed fine throughout the week.


The students' behaviour was exemplary throughout, well done to those who took part!


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